To the friends of InvestEd Inc.:

This announcement is to let you know that InvestEd Inc. has dissolved. A rigorous wide ranging and lengthy attempt to increase sponsorship and promote increased attendance fell short of our goals, resulting in InvestEd's need to close our doors. Despite this result, we are comforted to know that our conference attendees benefited by attending these InvestEd events and that many of InvestEd’s sessions, topics, and conference program arrangements have been adopted by others and therefore will beneficially support future investors.

The all-volunteer InvestEd staff accomplished a high level of sustained achievement over the 10 years we offered our conference programs and webinars. According to your feedback, we repeatedly not only met but exceeded your expectations of high quality investor education. We will miss all of you and hope our paths cross in the future. Thank you for your support over the years and your interest and participation in InvestEd’s investor education conferences, webinars, newsletter articles, and website material. Best wishes for continuing investing success.
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