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Numbers, Numbers, and More Numbers!

Wunderlist is … Wunderful



Numbers, Numbers, and More Numbers!

Louise Sechler


As you may recall, I wrote an article several years ago about how I like companies that pay dividends, especially companies such as S&P Dividend Aristocrats that increase dividends on a regular basis. Recently I discovered a website that is very convenient for a one-stop place to find this information and more. It is longrundata.com.


Longrundata.com is the project of two brothers, Harvey and Dennis Malovich. The brothers had become frustrated searching for long term (greater than a ten year period) dividend growth rate data. To solve their dilemma they created longrundata.com, which is easy to use and is provided at no cost to the user.


When you log on to the site these tabs appear.



Selecting the Home tab reveals a dividend reinvestment calculator along with charts for Annualized Dividend Growth Rates, Last Eight Dividend Payouts, and a 30 Year Annual Dividend History (Split Adjusted) that includes a graph of the annual dividends paid during the past 30 years.


Using the calculator allows you to enter a stock symbol and see all of the data described above. If you enter a ticker for a company whose dividend history is less than 30 years, the dividend reinvestment calculator will show the earliest date a dividend was issued and will allow you to adjust the starting date and recalculate. 

The List tab brings up a choice of the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the current S&P Dividend Aristocrats average dividend growth rates. When looking at either of these charts, be sure to scroll down to the explanations below each of the charts.


As a former high school mathematics teacher I do not tire of numbers. In case you have not had enough numbers, longrundata.com has even more numbers for you.


The Macro tab leads to data and some graphical information about Business Cycle Expansions and Contractions since 1854, S&P 500 earnings, US Average Inflation Rates from 1864 to the present, and US Historical GDP Historical Growth Rates.


Last but not least, longrundata.com shows a Model Portfolio under the Portfolio tab. The page shows dividend yields, along with 5, 10, and 25 year growth rates.


My favorite parts of the website are the calculator and the model portfolio. I use the calculator after researching a company I am considering as an addition to my portfolio. The model portfolio gives me ideas for companies to study and includes comparisons of its sector holdings with the corresponding SPDR sector ETFs.


I hope you find the site interesting and that it will help you with your stock research and portfolio decisions.


Louise is an InvestEd Inc. director and treasurer. She is a conference instructor, is chair of the Newbie Program, and teaches classes at regional and national events. Louise is a director and past president of the North Carolina Chapter of BetterInvesting and a member of an online investment club. A retired high school mathematics teacher, Louise currently tutors high school students.




Wunderlist is … Wunderful

Daniel Rivera


Wunderlist is a task manager for nearly everyone. It's simple, powerful, and accessible everywhere you carry your tech device. It's very easy to get started and yet has powerful features for those who want to make it really sing.

Wunderlist is available for free on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire, and from the download page. It works seamlessly across all major devices to keep your life in sync. Let's take a closer look at three key features.




Basic lists are the core of the app and are simple to create. You can make multiple lists and place as many items, tasks, or notes in them as you would like. Check off items as you complete them, and watch as your lists update on all of your devices.


-Due Dates & Notifications: You can set due dates (including recurring due dates) for items and get emails or push notifications for those due dates.


-Notes & Subtasks: You can add notes to tasks and even set up subtasks for more complex items.


-Folders: You can set up folders to house multiple lists, allowing you to stay organized.


All of this is done very easily with a clean interface, and that may be the extent you use this wunderful application. But wait! … There's more!




Collaboration is where Wunderlist really starts to shine. How many times have you needed to share lists with other participants? From projects to groceries, we often need to work with others on lists.


-Share Lists: Add a person's email address to a list and that person receives an invitation in Wunderlist - or an invitation to join. Once a person has joined, that person can edit the list, check off items, and so on.


-Comments: Communicate about items directly on the list, making it easy to explain updates, problems with deadlines, etc. Get push or email notifications when comments are made, so you don't miss anything important.


Beyond the App


Wunderlist is great online and on various platforms, but a key strength is that it synchronizes to all devices simultaneously. You can print lists if needed, turn emails into tasks simply by forwarding them to your own special email address, and add to lists via a Chrome app.




Let’s take an example of a grocery list.

-You create a shopping list.

-You start adding items.

-Next, you invite someone to contribute to the list.

-The invited person signs up for or logs into Wunderlist and accepts the invitation.

-Both people add to the list.

-When shopping, the user checks off items on the list as they are purchased.

-The other person gets live updates via mobile or web and even can add comments like, "Oh, make sure it's Skim Milk," or whatever.


This makes even simple everyday lists much more effective, collaborative, and accessible.


Learn More:  Getting Started with Wunderlist!


Daniel is an InvestEd instructor. He holds a bachelor's degree in art education, a master's degree in instructional technology, and is a Google Certified Teacher and Trainer. He offers professional development in technologies that enhance work, learning, and play. His areas of expertise include instructional technology, workplace technology, internet culture, gaming in education, and Google Apps.






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