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July 2011 Webinar: Making Stock Study Judgment Decisions
Investing and the Retirement Rainbow
Boomerang Adds Scheduling to Gmail
InvestEd 2012 in Charlotte NC
June 8-10, 2012
Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel
InvestEd Incorporated, a non-profit corporation, teaches individuals how to build wealth by analyzing and owning a diverse portfolio of stocks in quality growth companies. Join us in Charlotte, North Carolina, in June 2012.
The conference has something for everyone, from a dedicated program for new investors to advanced sessions about how to combine fundamental and technical analysis as a potential means of capturing investment gains and limiting losses. Choose from over 50 sessions on Saturday and Sunday, and attend Bonus Sessions on Friday afternoon at no extra cost to registered attendees.
Our seasoned instructors provide knowledge you take home and apply to your investments. At the InvestEdconference, instructors are available to you throughout the entire weekend: during sessions, in the Cyber Cafe on Friday and Saturday nights, in the hands-on Computer Lab, and when sharing meals with fellow investors and our teaching team.
Repeat attendees look forward to new sessions offered in 2012 from mainstay instructors Bob Adams, Brian Altschul, Don Cassidy, Mary Ann Davis, John Diercks, Phil Keating, Lynn Ostrem, Saul Seinberg, John Tonsager, Pam Wilkes, and Zinc Zeenkov, among others. Sample the quality of our instructors by reviewing the free webinars offered by InvestEd.
"At InvestEd 2011, I enjoyed seeing people I hear on webinars, and Ben and I met lots of people we look forward to seeing again next year. I came home confident, again, that I can enjoy a happy financial future. Thanks to all the instructors - you are all inspiring." - Linda S. Indialantic, Florida
Take advantage of Early Bird Registration Savings, $25 Rebate Offer, and Guest Room Discounts.
Early Bird InvestEd 2012 registration is $369 and encompasses all conference activities, including five meals: breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday plus dinner on Saturday. Full-time students with a valid student identification card pay $359.
Attend InvestEd 2012 and receive a $25 referral rebate for each friend or family member you bring who did not attend InvestEd 2011. Referrals must provide your name when they register, and you both must attend InvestEd2012. After the conference, you will receive a $25 rebate for each person you refer. Spread the word about theInvestEd brand of quality investor education, please your friends, and rack up your rebates.
InvestEd attendees pay only $109 plus tax for a room in the InvestEd room block at the Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel. All rooms are suites and include a microwave, refrigerator, and wet bar. A limited number of rooms are available.
Nicknamed the Queen City, Charlotte is the second largest banking center in the United States and the 17th largest city in the United States. Charlotte is the home of the Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Bobcats, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the U.S. National Whitewater Center, and the Carolinas Aviation Museum, the new home of the Miracle on the Hudson flight 1549 aircraft.
Plan to recharge your financial life in Charlotte. Make your reservations early and meet up with other investors atInvestEd 2012 for Investor Education at Its Best.

Making Stock Study Judgment Decisions
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Sunday, July 24, 2011, 9 PM -10 PM ET/6 PM -7 PM PT
Instructor: John Tonsager
So Many Choices, So Much Impact
Explore ways to create a stock study based upon honest expectations. In addition to making some changes to the default settings in Toolkit 6, we'll create a stock study that helps to reduce risk and establishes a buy, hold, or sell decision. Learn to use revenue-based growth rate estimates to establish realistic future growth rates and look at reasons for eliminating some outliers.
Points Covered
- Change default Toolkit settings
- Look at potential outliers
- Consider using revenue-based growth rates
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Speaker Biography
John Tonsager is a director and president of InvestEd Incorporated. He has taught basic stock analysis and advanced judgment classes at local, regional, and national investor education events. He is a past president and vice-president of the former Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter and is a member of the online CGAB Alumni Investment Club.

Investing and the Retirement Rainbow
By Gary Simms
Successful investors look forward to claiming the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when they retire. It's terrifying to prematurely run out of assets when you are least able to generate additional income.
Just as you learn how to build a portfolio, you need dependable information to prepare a conservative plan for distribution of accumulated assets long before you retire. One-size-fits-all simplistic formulas don't do the trick.
I met Henry K. "Bud" Hebeler, a retired top executive at Boeing and a retirement consultant, in 1995. He was hammering away about the difficulty of retirement planning to a group of young dentists at a convention. His down-to-earth philosophy clicked with me, and I began to study his books.
Since then, Bud Hebeler has developed, widely regarded as one of the best websites about retirement finances. Bud supplies free and low-cost Excel spreadsheets and other tools that take your personal situation into account and provide conservative responses.
Don't own Excel? Download a free compatible spreadsheet program at Sample Free Programs
At, click the Free Retirement Plans link on the left sidebar. Scroll down the new page and look for links to spreadsheet programs that interest you. For example: Retirement Planner, Social Security Planner, Investment Manager, and Evaluate Annuities.

Bud is the author of J.K.Lasser's Your Winning Retirement Plan, a do-it-yourself book about planning for retirement. Scroll to the middle of the page for an overview of the book.
I consider Bud Hebeler to be to retirement planning what John Bogle is to mutual fund investing. Both of them provide conservative and accurate advice that will enable you to increase your chances of winning the investing and retirement marathon.
Gary Simms is a self-employed dentist who decided to take responsibility for developing his own retirement and disbursement plan after receiving disastrous advice from a broker. He found that unbiased education on those topics is hard to come by. Gary read and sought out rational explanations about the elements of successful investing in the stock market, mutual funds, and retirement planning. He is a lifetime member of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) and BetterInvesting (BI). Gary serves on the BI Heart of Illinois Chapter's Board of Directors, and he has taught all facets of BI methodology for both stocks and mutual funds. Now, Garychooses to work rather than finding it necessary to work.

Boomerang Adds Scheduling to Gmail
By Ira Smilovitz
If you're like me, your email Inbox swells with messages that require some response or action at a future date.Boomerang for Gmail by Baydin, Inc. is a plugin for Chrome and Firefox browsers that tames your Inbox by adding these useful functions to Gmail:
1. Follow-up reminders for received messages
2. Auto-magical reminders based on message contents
3. Scheduled delivery of messages
4. Follow-up reminders for sent messages
Boomerang installs a link at the top of your Gmail window that allows you to manage your Boomerang messages. When you boomerang a message, it is removed from your Inbox or Drafts and held for future processing. Opening the link reveals a schedule of messages to send later, messages to boomerang, and preference settings for the messages to be returned later. You can choose to have boomerang messages appear as any or all of the following: unread, starred, at the top of your Inbox, or labeled as "Boomerang."
When you read or create a message, you'll find a Boomerang button at the top of the message panel that allows you to set the time for Boomerang to take action.
If an Inbox message contains a date or time, Boomerang automatically offers to return the message to your Inbox before the date/time in the message so that you have sufficient time to prepare for the appointment.
When you create a message, you have an additional option to boomerang the message depending on whether you receive any replies. You have created an automatic follow-up reminder.
You also can use Boomerang to send a text message to a smartphone at a specific future time. Now there is one less excuse for a loved one to forget to do something. VBG (Very Big Grin)
Boomerang for Gmail
 currently is in public beta test. It is priced on a "pay what you want" model. You can use it for free (for now) or pay anywhere from $12 to $120 to support further development. Payment of any amount will earn you a one-year subscription to Boomerang when it is officially released.
Baydin has a related commercial product, Boomerang for Outlook, which has a $29.95 annual subscription. A reasonable assumption is that the retail price of Boomerang for Gmail will be similar.
Ira Smilovitz is an InvestEd instructor and past director of InvestEd Inc. He teaches club accounting/taxes at local classes and at online seminars, and contributes help about tax and investment issues to online discussion groups. Ira received the 2005 Kenfield-Burris Award for service to the online community. He is a founding member and current treasurer of Lakshmi Investments LLC. Although trained as a chemist and chemical engineer, Ira has been a professional tax preparer, bookkeeper, and financial coach for over 25 years.

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