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Why Buy Exchange-Traded Funds: ETFs?

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Building Better Futures at InvestEd 2010

August 6-8, 2010, Baltimore, Maryland

The InvestEd educational experience is designed to elevate your investing and leadership skills to the next level. When you attend InvestEd 2010, you make a sound investment to enhance your education and become part of an investing community that builds better futures.

The conference format provides unique access to innovative instructors, 57 leading-edge presentations, and reputable corporate sponsors. Discussions about coping with today’s challenging times and ideas that may alter your thoughts about unsettling issues are par for the course. Leave the conference armed with new insights, tools, and inspiration to help you face these trying times and better prepare for tomorrow. Do not miss this opportunity to build a better future for yourself!

“I enjoy InvestEd and the knowledge I gain in 3 days from excellent instructors would be impossible to learn on my own. I am attending for the third year because so many sessions, including new topics, interest me, and I learn from the wisdom and investing experience of others. The hands-on Computer Lab clears up questions and helps me implement new techniques.”    Nick Nikiforos, Florida

Registration and Discounted Guest Room Rate Available

Registration is $409 and includes five meals: breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday plus dinner on Saturday. Stock Central members receive a $10 registration discount. Full-time students with a valid school identification card pay $359. The Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel is our host. InvestEd attendees receive a $119 (plus tax) single or double room rate until 5 p.m. ET July 13, 2010. A limited number of rooms are available. Visit the InvestEd 2010 website for details.

Laptop Computers for Sale

InvestEd purchases Dell laptop computers to use in our session rooms and Computer Lab. We sell the computers at our cost to InvestEd attendees and the general public. This year’s price is $610. Details are available on the InvestEd 2010 website. Click on the laptop graphic located in the center of the page. Shipping is available. Reserve your computer now.

Why Buy Exchange-Traded Funds: ETFs?

Ever wonder what to do with the proceeds from the sale of an overvalued stock when you have not identified a promising security to buy with the money? Consider investing in an index-based Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) until you find that high quality undervalued stock to complement the diversification of your portfolio.

ETFs are securities that track an index such as the S&P 500. They trade like stocks on an exchange. Prices change throughout the day, and the investor maintains control to lock in the price of a trade. Although similar, mutual funds take orders during trading hours, and transactions occur only at the close of the market. Exchange-Traded Funds are an alternative to purchasing individual companies if you would rather not manage a portfolio of stocks. On the other hand, some investors choose a mix of individual stocks and ETFs for their long-term portfolios.

According to Jerry Pillans, InvestEd 2010 conference chair and a director of InvestEd Inc., the market includes a multitude of ETFs, including sector-based ETFs and even market-timing ETFs. He does not recommend these more narrow-based ETFs. Jerry is biased towards index-based ETFs because of their ability to follow market returns.

Sample Jerry’s Favorite ETF Websites

Of course, is a given, or try the new browser kid on the block,

Jerry Pillans will be available to answer your ETF questions in the fun-filled and educational Cyber Cafe at InvestEd 2010 in Baltimore.

Nurture Your Portfolio at

Aah! The sweet smell of flowers brings renewal and rejuvenation. Many of us have been heading outside to prune trees, pull weeds, fertilize the shrub beds, and tend to our gardens.

How often do you think about pulling the weeds (disappointing or over-priced holdings) and planting flowers you expect to bloom (potentially profitable stocks) in your investment portfolio? Doing so on a continual basis will help you cultivate a cream-of-the-crop portfolio requiring low time demands for maintenance. Am I dreaming? Not if I have an effective way to monitor and track my portfolios.

The SmartMoney website can help us keep an eye on our portfolio. Create an online account and access the free portfolio tracker with interactive features. A subscription to premium services is not required. Login and review the features in the sample portfolio.

Bakul Lalla, an InvestEd instructor, suggests when you create your own portfolio, you may want to adjust the number of actual shares for each stock to preserve your privacy. Pick a number of your choice and divide it into the number of shares you own in each company. This allows you to keep the proportion of all holdings the same as the actual shares you own.

Bakul’s Sample Portfolio Portfolio Features

Under Analysis Tools, click Map to see the heat map of your portfolio. Click on the Analysis feature to analyze your holdings based on returns and fundamentals. Bakul will gladly demo additional features at InvestEd in the fun-filled and educational Cyber Cafe.


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The InvestEd Incorporated newsletter is now the only comprehensive source for InvestEd news. InvestEd announcements will no longer appear in ICLUB emails. Please encourage your friends to subscribe now so that they, too, may receive education articles, technology tips, and announcements about the Free InvestEd Education Webinar Series (webinar topics, dates, registration, and available recordings). The next issue will be published in September.

InvestEd Conference Moving to May in 2011!

Mark your calendar now for May 13-15, 2011, and plan to attend the fifth annual InvestEd conference. The location will be revealed at InvestEd 2010 in Baltimore and will be delivered to newsletter subscribers post-haste.

InvestEd Inc. Free Webinar Series Hiatus

The webinar series is on hiatus until the fall of 2010.

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