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Tempering the Future High Price
Have a Smartphone?  Be on the Lookout!

InvestEd 2012: $40 Holiday Discount Savings ends 12/31/11
Charlotte, NC June 8-10, 2012
Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel
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Attend InvestEd 2012 and improve your investing skills in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina, on June 8 through 10, 2012, at the Renaissance Charlotte Suites hotel. Meet aspiring and experienced investors, and build your prospects for financial security.

Curriculum and Instructors
View the InvestEd 2012 conference curriculum that includes 30 new sessions in the two and one-half days of investor education. Attend the General Program or choose to attend the Newbie Program. All registered attendees are welcome to participate in the Bonus Sessions on Friday. No additional costs apply.

Learn more about your InvestEd conference instructors:

  • Bob Adams
  • Brian Altschul
  • Don Cassidy
  • Joe Craig
  • Mary Ann Davis
  • John Diercks
  • Doug Gerlach
  • Phil Keating
  • Jerry Pillans
  • Lynn Ostrem
  • Daniel Rivera
  • Louise Sechler
  • Saul Seinberg
  • Brad Taylor
  • John Tonsager
  • Brian White
  • Pam Wilkes
  • Randy Wilkes
  • Bart Womack


InvestEd 2012 Program Features
The conference includes your choice of stimulating educational sessions and a CD of session handouts with instructors' supplementary educational materials. Informative corporate presentations by quality companies supply ideas and comprehensive information. Five meals, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday and Saturday dinner, are included in your registration.

Holiday Discount Registration Rate Expires December 31, 2011
The InvestEd holiday registration discount is an ideal opportunity to give a gift of perpetuating value to friends, family, and yourself.

The holiday rate of $369 expires December 31, 2011. Full-time students with a valid school identification card pay $359. Register now and save!

$25 Rebate Referral Incentive
To receive a $25 referral rebate, attend InvestEd 2012 and bring a friend or family member who did not attend InvestEd 2011. After the 2012 conference, you will receive a $25 rebate for each person you refer. Both you and your referred person(s) must register and attend InvestEd 2012, and referrals must provide your name when registering.

Hotel Information

The guest room rate in the InvestEd block at the Renaissance Charlotte Suites hotel is a reasonable $109 plus tax per night for a room sleeping up to five people. All rooms have a sitting area. Make your hotel reservations today.

Learn and Vacation

Plan to extend your visit to Charlotte and enjoy a vacation in the south. Explore the official travel resource, and review InvestEd Tourism for a wide choice of attractions.

Join us for InvestEd 2012 in Charlotte where we will build better futures together.


InvestEd Inc. Free Webinar
Stop Loss Orders: Helpful or Harmful?
Sunday, January 22, 2012
8:00 PM-9:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM-6:00 PM PT
Instructor: Saul Seinberg
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Stop loss orders can be of significant benefit and great comfort to investors when bad news hits unexpectedly. In addition, they assist in protecting profits and preventing losses when an investor does not have access to a broker or computer. Learn to enhance your comfort level and sleep better at night by increasing your knowledge about stop loss orders, their value, and the reasons their use may or may not be appropriate for your situation.

Saul Seinberg is an InvestEd instructor, presents InvestEd Inc. free online investor education webinars, and is an advisory director of the corporation. He is vice president of the online CGAB Alumni Investment Club. With degrees in electrical engineering and law, Saul spent most of his career as a corporate attorney.

Register now to attend this online investor education session. Space is limited.

Tempering the Future High Price
By Lynn Ostrem

When using the computerized version of the Stock Selection Guide (SSG), most of the calculations are done for us after we make our judgments on the front and back of the SSG form.

Evaluating Reward and Risk over the Next 5 Years (Section 4 on the Toolkit 6 back page) selects the average high P/E in Section 4A and multiplies it by our estimated EPS on the front page graph. The result is the estimated high price in 5 years (Section 4A). I find that most people simply accept this figure without scrutiny.

If you purchased the stock at today's price, hold it for exactly five years, and sell it at the estimated high price, the result would be the total return found in Section 5, Total Return Analysis. In other words, it would be our best-case scenario.

When completing a stock study, I tend to linger for awhile on my choice of high price rather than simply accepting Toolkit's estimate as my choice. Where is this price in relation to the current price? Double? Triple? I don't worry so much about lower comparisons, but I am concerned if it's substantially higher.

If Value Line follows the company, I compare my Toolkit estimate with Value Line's 4-year price range found in the Projections Box at the upper left corner of the page. This is the high price range that Value Line believes the stock price can achieve over the next 3-5 years. I want to know if my estimated high price falls within that range. If it's above, I need to rethink my estimate.

I like to test my Toolkit projected high P/E with Value Line's projected average annual P/E in lieu of using historical data. It provides me with a total return that appears to be more forward looking than the one calculated by Toolkit using a projected P/E.

As an example, I am using an SSG for Stryker (SYK) prepared on November 14, 2011. I chose EPS growth of 9%, which calculates future earnings at $4.85.

I removed the 2007 high P/E in Section 3 of the SSG giving me a 23.5 average high P/E.

When I multiply the EPS, I get a high price of $114 and a total return of 18.9%. On Value Line, the most recent range for projected high price is $80-$100. It's projected EPS growth is 9.5%, and the future average annual P/E projection is 18.

If I were to consider $90 (the middle of the $80-$100 on VL) as a reasonable high price and divide it by my $4.85 estimated high EPS, I would find my P/E could drop to 18.6, and my total return would still be a respectable 13.6%. I have tempered my sights to a $90 projected high price. So what if the stock still reaches $114? Then I guess I'm the one buying lunch!

Lynn Ostrem is an InvestEd instructor who formerly served the BetterInvesting (BI) Minnesota and Central Iowa chapters by developing and teaching classes. She founded three investment clubs including the nationally known Crow River Investment Club where she is the current president. Through the website, Lynn has mentored over 100 club start-ups, and she has been instrumental in bringing independent investor education events to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Lynn welcomes email questions and comments. When she's not working on preparing and teaching classes, Lynn operates a consulting firm that specializes in reducing costs for manufacturing facilities.


Have a Smartphone?  Be on the Lookout!

By Brian White

If you own a smartphone, you would be very disappointed if it was missing or stolen.  You'd face the potential loss of contact information and photos and be concerned about private information being in the wrong hands.

Solve all these issues by installing Lookout Security on your Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad device!

Lookout Security has three main feature sets, some being platform dependent:

Security & Antivirus Protection
Upon installation, Lookout scans all installed applications on the device to eliminate spyware and malware that could be stealing your personal information. After installation, Lookout continues to monitor newly installed apps to verify they are safe for use.

Lookout notifies you if your device is connected to an unsecure WiFi hotspot that could expose your data and/or passwords. The iPhone platform notifies you if your iPhone software is not up to date. Updates are often released to fix security vulnerabilities.

Missing Device (Locate, Scream, Lock & Wipe)
This is the most impressive feature group (especially if you just want to show off to your friends). The missing device feature of Lookout comes to the rescue if your smartphone is lost or stolen.


 Simply log into your Lookout account from any browser or flash-capable smartphone, and Lookout immediately maps the location of the phone. Phone lost in the house? Log in, tell the device to scream, and Lookout sounds a siren alarm – even if your device was set on silent or vibrate. Left your phone at the gym? Lookout shows you where it is located.

If you misplace your phone, the premium version of Lookout for Android allows you to remotely lock the device, requiring users to enter your password or passcode, and allows you to remotely wipe the device, which eliminates all personal information.

Data Backup
Android and iPhone users can utilize Lookout to automatically back up contact information, and the information is accessible from any browser. Lookout Premium for Android provides a backup for your photos and call history.

The free version of Lookout often is enough for most users. The premium version of Lookout for Android provides photo and call backup, privacy advisor, safe browsing, and remote lock and wipe at a cost of $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year

Check it out at an app store near you!

Brian is an InvestEd instructor. A mechanical engineer by trade, Brian joined his first investment club in 1994 and currently is a member of two investment clubs. A Dick Dwyer award recipient, he helped start the computer group of BetterInvesting’s Massachusetts Chapter, served as president, and began teaching with the chapter in 1997. Brian is a volunteer coach, treasurer of the local parent-teacher organization, and often can be found hiking or geocaching in New England with his wife and two children.

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