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Charlotte NC, June 8-10, 2012
Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel
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The InvestEd conference is five weeks away, and many investors attend year after year. We asked them to share their reasons for attending with newsletter subscribers.

Dick writes: I always come away with knowledge that I immediately apply to my investing. This pays for my InvestEd weekend. My investing success seems to increase each year as I learn more. I attend InvestEd to increase my knowledge in all areas of investing, and I learn about interesting stocks that I study when I come home. I ask lots of questions and pick the brains of instructors and fellow investors.

I particularly look forward to the new classes added and want to support the awesome instructors who give so much time preparing these new classes. I like that InvestEd keeps adding intermediate and advanced classes so there is always something new to learn.

Ben writes: We attend regularly. We continue to find new approaches and techniques, and review and learn more about those we already use. It is impossible to go to any session and NOT gain a useful insight. We get a lot out of networking with others who are managing their own investments. This is harder and harder to do in everyday life, except in our small club and chapter. The fact that InvestEd is focused on computer tools is just right for us.

Marie writes: InvestEd recharges my batteries. It gives me fresh enthusiasm and keeps me on course. I pick up bits and pieces here, there, and everywhere and add them to my general understanding of stock investing.

I share knowledge with my club members, but there is so very much you can't share it all! InvestEd is well worth my time and money. It is usually very easy to cover expenses with just one investment: buying, getting out of a bad actor, or sometimes just holding fast.

I often say, going to InvestEd is like going to church. The leaders are still preaching from the same bible, but each time you gain a different slant, a new insight, or comment on something you've encountered for the first time.

And visiting with like-minded investors! Where else can one do that! Most folks I know aren't too interested in investing, but it challenges my mind daily. What better way to keep your brain busy?

Julie writes: I like the instructors! They are progressive, professional, and personable. I have often emailed them after conferences to ask questions and all of them have been very helpful. I share information with my club members and I highly recommend that they attend. I use the class notes to teach mini classes to our club.

My favorite types of classes are those I can take home and put to practical use for my own stocks or portfolios. I often tell people I teach that they need to keep coming to classes and reading books because they will never understand everything, and to some degree investments change.

I go to new classes because the subjects interest me. I sit in on similar or repeated classes year after year just to build on my existing knowledge, to better understand, or because I plan to teach it.

The InvestEd Team hopes to see you at InvestEd in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 8-10, 2012. We look forward to welcoming you to our best InvestEd ever. Register Now!

InvestEd Inc. Free Webinar
Identifying Red Flags
Sunday, May 20, 2012
8:00 PM-9:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM-6:00 PM PT
Instructor: Brian Altschul
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Move to a more sophisticated level of analysis that includes advanced judgment techniques. Learn to identify red flags in your stock studies and more effectively use the quarterly trend analysis feature in your software. Included are examples to illustrate stock analysis techniques appropriate for experienced investors. This session is geared for investors who are comfortable using software to analyze stocks.

Register Now to attend the InvestEd Inc. free online investor education webinar. Space is limited.

Brian is an InvestEd director and instructor and provides technical support at the conference. He serves as vice president for education and was chair of the inaugural conference in 2007. A founding member and former president of an investment club, and a former member of the online CGAB Alumni Investment Club, Brian has been a director of the New Jersey Chapter of BetterInvesting since 2000. Professionally, with a BS in mathematics and an MBA in computer systems, he manages a large computer systems department.

Insurance: Are you Covered?
Insurance for Dummies by Jack Hungelmann
Gary Simms

Many of us think of ourselves as savvy investors who understand stocks, bonds, money market funds, CDs, real estate, collectibles, options, or even the lottery. But, what about insurance? Do we realize that our assets can be lost in the blink of an eye when fate knocks on our door?

Webster's dictionary defines risk as, "the possibility of loss or injury." You deal with risk every day and generally beat the odds on the little risks. The big risks that you may not even realize exist can wipe out your entire life savings. Many people have no substantial assets. However, if you do have assets, you need liability protection, and you need protection from people who don't have liability insurance.

My problem is understanding all of the risks I'm exposed to and which types of insurance I need. I came across the book, Insurance for Dummies, Second Edition, by Jack Hungelmann, and it promised to explain insurance needs and types. It also told me about Mr. Hungelmann's experience and referred me to his website. His credentials impressed me.

I discovered many incidences where I was assuming large amounts of risk unbeknownst to me. The book is divided into five chapters – six if you include the Dummies trademark chapter, "The Part of Tens."

  1. Getting Started – What Insurance Is, Why You Need It, How to Assemble a Program, and How to Buy
  2. Insuring the Things You Drive – Cars, Boats, RVs, and More
  3. Home Sweet Home: Understanding Home Owner's Insurance
  4. Singing in the Rain: Umbrella Policies
  5. Et al. Managing Life, Health, and Disability Risks

After reading the book twice, I sat down with my insurance agent and reviewed my policies. I was in pretty good shape, although I did increase my umbrella policy from $1 million to $5 million at a cost of about $200 a year. I also ended up saving money with a discount for combining policies and getting rid of some unnecessary or duplicate coverage.

In addition, Insurance for Dummies taught me to always call my insurance agent to verify coverage on specific items. If you're not covered for a particular instance, a rider usually may be written to cover the occasion. I now have a much better idea of the risks I'm assuming and how insurance does, or does not, cover those risks.

Gary Simms is a self-employed dentist who decided to take responsibility for developing his own retirement and disbursement plan after receiving disastrous advice from a broker. He found that unbiased education on those topics is hard to come by. Gary read and sought out rational explanations about the elements of successful investing in the stock market, mutual funds, and retirement planning. Now, Gary chooses to work rather than finding it necessary to work. He is a lifetime member of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) and BetterInvesting (BI). Gary is an associate director with the BI Heart of Illinois Chapter's Board of Directors and he has taught all facets of BI methodology for both stocks and mutual funds.

Interactive Stock Analytics
Judith Russ Leon

"An easy tool for understanding what makes a company tick." – Forbes is a free financial website that uses an interactive platform to model the underlying fundamentals that drive a stock's performance (Trefis price). Trefis breaks down a stock price by the contribution of a company’s major products and businesses – an additional tool to supplement your stock analysis and research staples. Learn more by watching a video on the Trefis About page.

Scroll down the About page and read the text to become familiar with the website's inception, research techniques, relevance of news, and limitations. Review the website's FAQs at the bottom of the page in the Company column under About.

What is the Trefis price? The Trefis Team researches hundreds of facts to determine the Trefis price estimate for each company’s stock in order to provide you with a solid starting point so you can make better informed investment decisions. However, they don't guarantee that the market price will converge to the Trefis price tomorrow, or ever. See the FAQ, "How does Trefis come up with the Trefis price?" for details.

In a single snapshot, reveals the pertinent business model for a company and the Trefis price. By default, you'll see the model for the Company of The Day. The website currently covers 200 stocks and plans to expand the database.

Find a company snapshot model of your choice by clicking the COMPANIES tab in the toolbar near the top of the page, and search SECTORS & INDUSTRIES. Alternatively, enter a ticker symbol, or company name, etc., in the space in the upper left-hand corner.

While you can find snapshots with the method above, I suggest that you set up a free account. (Trefis does have a Pro version for a fee.) You'll be able to save your customized snapshots and trendlines in your My Trefis account, participate in the Trefis social community commentary, and contribute your snapshots for comparison with other participants. In addition, Trefis will send you six daily orientation emails, has an email support feature to answer subscriber's questions, and offers several other helpful features to investigate.

For Trefis snapshot demonstration purposes, we'll use Zipcar (NYSE:ZIP), the world's largest and leading car sharing network.

Hmm . . . Zipcar's current price (April 23, 2012) is a little more than half of the Trefis price. Explore in real time.

Tweak your stock predictions by clicking the variable links in the company’s business model, depending on how you think different segments of the company will perform. Scroll down and review the company analysis and community comments.

"Aims right at individual investors, giving them sophisticated models." – The New York Times

"A very cool, very intelligently designed financial analytics tool." – Mashable

Judith Russ Leon is an InvestEd director and its lead editor and writer. She previously taught classes and mentored numerous clubs, and she received the first Kenfield-Burris Award for service to the online investing community. She is a founding member and past secretary of the online CGAB Alumni Investment Club. Judith formerly worked and taught in medical diagnostic and research laboratories.


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