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InvestEd 2013
Wichita KS, June 7-9, 2013
Hotel: Hyatt Regency Wichita
Update! Curriculum Online; Early Registration Deadline 12.31.12

The InvestEd 2013 conference offers two and one-half days of investor education with a dynamic curriculum, which includes 22 new sessions, hands-on sessions in the Computer Lab, and lively discussions in the Friday and Saturday night Cyber Cafe.


John Diercks teaches Mutual Fund Basics, Bart Womack discusses how to use cash flow statements, and Don Cassidy shows you how to look outside the boxes of the Stock Selection Guide. Bob Adams provides handy URLs for stock analysis, and Mary Ann Davis shows you how to sell options.


These sessions are just the teasers. Daniel Rivera leads three hands-on GooglePlus and Google Drive sessions in the Computer Lab. Mary Ann Davis, Saul Seinberg, and Don Cassidy teach a number of sessions on a wide variety of TA techniques to broaden your education and discover how a combination of fundamental and technical analysis (TA) may improve your investment profits. The Stock Up – Veterans Share Their Secrets panel returns for the third year.


Special program options, at no additional cost, are the Friday afternoon computer and technology Bonus Sessions and the Newbie Program. The celebrated Newbie Program on Saturday and Sunday is designed for those who are new to investing, want a refresher course, and/or need help with stock selection software.


In the Friday afternoon Bonus Sessions, learn about Evernote, determine how smart your smartphone is, and get the latest news on the Chrome browser. You likely will improve your productivity when you learn about new items for your computer toolbox.


The entire weekend schedule and the session descriptions are on the InvestEd 2013 website.


The reduced $369 holiday registration rate saves you $40 and is available only through December 31, 2012. Students with a student identification card pay $359. Refer others who did not attend InvestEd 2012 and receive a $25 referral rebate for each one who registers. You both must attend InvestEd 2013.


Registration includes five full meals, free internet access in your Hyatt guest room, and free parking at the Hyatt.


The $99 (plus tax) room rate in the InvestEd room block at the Hyatt Regency Wichita provides cost-effective and comfortable lodging. Make your hotel reservations today.


Wichita is a vacation destination where you can combine investing education and sightseeing. Visit the InvestEd tourism page for ideas about where to go, what to see, and locations to enjoy excellent dining.


Education is a gift that keeps on giving. Share the wealth, build better futures, and enjoy a June weekend in Wichita at InvestEd 2013.




InvestEd Inc. Free Webinar
Google Drive
Sunday, November 18, 2012
8:00 PM-9:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM-6:00 PM PT
Instructor: Daniel Rivera
Webinar Registration


Google Drive has unprecedented collaboration and publishing features that help you work more efficiently, either solo or with others. Learn how to upload or create documents and how to collaborate with others in real time, at no cost to you. Discover the benefits and drawbacks of working collaboratively in the cloud. To get the most from this webinar, you will need a Google account. You can sign up for one at


Register now to attend the InvestEd Inc. free online investor education webinar. Space is limited. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


Daniel is an InvestEd instructor. He is an instructional technology specialist for Georgia Southern University with significant experience in technology integration into teaching and learning. Daniel holds a master's degree in instructional technology and continues professional development in global technology trends and web applications for learning.




PLAN AHEAD for November 7! Part 2 of 2
Don Cassidy


Last month we looked at tax-policy implications driven by the three possible November 6 election outcomes. (For a review, see the October article). The key point of that essay, and this, is that investors should think in some detail in advance rather than wake up on November 7 and say, “Oh, what should I do now?” Last month we examined tax possibilities, given a Democratic or Republican three-part sweep or a continued split power. Now, we will look at federal spending and regulation.


Spending changes will happen more slowly than taxes; some restraint is required for the dollar to be saved and soaring interest rates on bonds to be avoided. Expect individual bills to be passed, but not a comprehensive budget. Also, expect some formula for debt reduction tied to the spending levels if divided power continues or the Republicans sweep. The debt ceiling WILL be raised when needed, but first used as a lever.


Figure defense being cut or frozen, depending on how Potomac power works out. “Investment” (i.e., spending) on highways/bridges will be raised or frozen on the same fulcrum. The biggie is entitlements, predominantly healthcare. Either controlling party would be suicidal not to adopt the Obama rubric of limiting spending while not cutting benefits to voters. The only way this will happen is with heavy pressure on profit margins for all providers. Justifying holding domestic big-pharma names in that environment will be difficult. Likewise, for hospitals and insurers and even REITs whose rent is paid by Medicare/Medicaid-service providers. Crucially, look at future realities rather than projecting past trends!


Regulation: Think energy and environment, as well as workplace safety and wages. For example, domestic energy and its suppliers will be helped or hindered if one party sweeps. Forget subsidies for solar etc. We will have no budget for that. Under sweeps, private education either will be released from its current pressure or stay in trouble. If the Democrats sweep, the minimum wage will rise. You get the picture.


Examine your holdings individually under the three scenarios to decide in advance on hold vs. sell. Under a Democratic sweep, capital gains rates will rise in 2013, so you should take profits by December 31. This scenario is not so under the other two election outcomes. One area hard to predict now is so-called ObamaCare. The election will make that call. Only a Republican sweep would imply repeal or major changes.


Three conditions would argue for trade-down retailers/restaurants: a double dip recession caused by extreme change in Washington, Europe's crumbling, or higher inflation. All the above are just examples. Look at every holding and envision industry-specific conditions under all three election scenarios.


While we've all been frustrated (irrespective of party preference) by Washington gridlock, either type of sweep portends clear negative implications for the economy and the stock market. First, historically, stocks perform better under split power, when radical change is blunted. But critically now, too, rising taxes or sharply cut spending would cause a renewed recession. So purely as investors we might prefer a split verdict. The one overriding point: PLAN AHEAD! Envision all scenarios now and be ready to act.




Google Chrome
Michael Aiken


I graduated from Internet Explorer four years ago. Fed up with the bugs, as well as the lack of speed and security, I decided to install Google Chrome. As a college student and a newshound, I use Google Chrome on a regular basis to check the news, stocks, email, and homework assignments at school. I use the Chrome browser more than I use my own toothbrush. One aspect about Google Chrome that often is overlooked is the Extension feature. This houses an abundance of useful tools in the upper right-hand corner of the browser. All I have to do is point and click my mouse, and droves of security/time-saving measures are at my disposal, several of which are identified below.


AdBlock: The most popular extension on the web, AdBlock automatically blocks video ads, banner ads, Flash ads, pop-up and text ads, Facebook ads, Hulu ads, and even some YouTube ads. In my personal experience, this extension works 95% of the time.


Ghostery: One of the best extensions for online privacy, Ghostery detects trackers, web bugs, and beacons on websites by Facebook, Google Analytics, and over 500 other ad networks. In addition, Ghostery blocks scripts, images, iframes, and objects/embeds from the very same entities.


WOT/WOT Safe Search (Web of Trust): Just like a traffic light, WOT uses green, yellow, and red symbols to rate the security of hyperlinks for popular search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.), Wikipedia, Facebook, and Twitter. WOT is like a free version of Angie's List for website trustworthiness.


Cloudy Calculator: The calculator that asks for help when it gets stuck, Cloudy Calculator calculates basic functions and makes unit conversions, such as the number of seconds in a day or tablespoons in a cup. The cool thing about the calculator is that it will use the Google search engine for nonmathematical calculations. For example: “How many amendments to the U.S. Constitution?”


PDF to Word Converter App: This app converts PDF files to Word document text. Several versions of these converters exist.


Sexy Undo Close Tab: Have you ever closed a tab by accident? Of course you have. The Sexy Undo Close Tab allows you to access closed tabs quickly, even after opening a new browser window. Taking less than two seconds, this easily is the most important non-security related extension in my upper right-hand corner.


In addition, the Chrome extension page houses an entire section with extensions exclusive to Google. If you're extra cautious about your browser security and, you will want to use these. Popular extensions include Google Calendar Checker (a very useful notification system), Google Dictionary, and Google Translator, as well as Screen Capture and Search by Image (which finds similar images to the input image). Other popular non-Google extensions involve local weather, Facebook, and other forms of entertainment/social networking.


So now that you know about extensions, do some research on your own. The sky is the figurative limit, and many creative and innovative web extensions are available. Whether you prefer a secure and ad free browser experience, or an entertaining, gadget-filled extravaganza, Chrome extensions are ready when you are. Best of all: they are free of charge.





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