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InvestEd 2013
Wichita, KS   June 7-9, 2013
Hyatt Regency Wichita
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The InvestEd conference is five weeks away, and we encourage you to register today. Attendees of previous conferences provide compelling reasons why you should attend:


"Don't miss a concentrated collective group of individuals who altruistically give us their experience and expertise on investing."


"I particularly like the inclusion of detailed Technical Analysis tools, which I'm not as familiar with."


"I like that InvestEd keeps adding intermediate and advanced classes so that there is always something new to learn. I always come away with knowledge that I immediately apply to my investing which pays for my weekend."


"I am particularly impressed by the new session offerings."


"We continue to find new approaches and techniques, and review and learn more about those we already use. It is impossible to go to any session and NOT gain a useful insight."


"I love the techie-geek sessions on Friday."


"A session like Bart Womack's World Demographics and Investing is so valuable to stimulate ideas. Fascinating."


"InvestEd recharges my batteries. It gives me fresh enthusiasm and keeps me on course. I pick up bits and pieces here, there, and everywhere and add them to my general understanding of stock investing."


"Setting Price Targets by John Tonsager was concise and extremely helpful."


"I like the instructors! They are progressive, professional and personable. I have often emailed them after conferences to ask questions and all of them have been very helpful."


Review the conference curriculum and register today. Our guest room rate is $99 plus tax, and it includes free internet in your room and free parking.



InvestEd Inc. Free Webinar
Relative Strength Charts for Fundamental Investors
Sunday, May 19, 2013
8:00 PM-9:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM-6:00 PM PT
Instructor: Sharon McAllister
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Learn to use free stock charting sites to quickly hone in on strong sectors and stocks. If your investing goal is to beat the market, Relative Strength, an easy-to-use technical indicator, may become a favorite tool. Relative Strength shows price performance for one item compared to another over time and quickly identifies outperforming and under-performing equities. This presentation will explain how to use Relative Strength charts to choose stocks, manage portfolios, and do broad market analysis.


Register now to attend the InvestEd Inc. free online investor education webinar. Space is limited.


Sharon developed InvestEd's online webinar education program. She contributes to two stock study groups within her community and has actively invested in the stock market for more than 30 years. She holds a BS in Computer Science/Accounting from the University of Central Oklahoma and an MBA from Oklahoma City University. Professionally, Sharon is a retired software developer who designed and developed domestic and European point of sale software solutions for a large car rental company. Her hobbies include drawing and painting, along with enjoying nature, hiking, reading, and gardening. She loves to travel and is interested in learning how history and geography shape people, cultures, and the world.



Investing is About Learning
Bob Adams


Investing is about learning, and most of us need all the help we can get to learn more. A lesson: Was a decision to sell a company a good decision? What was the result when the cash was used to buy another company? We can learn a great deal from these two decisions, provided we follow through and evaluate the results. Normally, we are concerned with investing over the long term. However, our sell and buy decisions are those we should look at from a short term perspective. Being aware of the results is a step toward learning from them.


To aid in learning from those short term lessons, a new tool has been developed and is available for use on my website, Bobsite. A link is on the Follow Your Stocks page. The new tool, Track Your Stocks, makes tracking the price of each stock you list on the form easy.
Type in the ticker symbol and the latest price will be displayed automatically, as well as the short term gain or loss as a percentage. Verbiage will appear to aid in judging each decision.


After a company has been sold, do you follow the price for a few months to see if the sell decision was correct? Is the company bought to replace the stock you sold increasing in value at a faster rate? Again, was it a good decision? The lesson learned is important, whether you like the results or not.


Many investors keep a Watch List. The Track Your Stocks tool is an ideal form for that practice. It allows you to indicate if the action was to sell, buy, or add to a Watch List entry, then it computes the percent of change from the price at the time the company was added to the form. In addition, it includes the current price. Once you have listed companies, each time the form is opened the current price automatically will be updated and displayed along with other information. Using this form, you have no need to manually update price information for companies watched on a short term basis.


Another form available on Bobsite that helps you follow the companies in your portfolio is the Annual Return Calculator. This calculator provides the gain or loss for each company in a portfolio, and also for the entire portfolio, but on an annualized basis rather than the simple basis of the Follow Your Stocks form. Time is taken into consideration when calculating the result, which is absolutely necessary when measuring the result on a long term basis.


Other tools are available on the website, including the Quick Analysis form. Using this form, you can help young people learn to invest by analyzing companies. Spark an interest in new investors by using this tool, which is quick and easy to use and provides analytical results and a good evaluation of the company.


Annual Report Analysis is available on Bobsite, both for manufacturing companies and for banks. These forms help the investor determine if the company has a strong or a weak balance sheet. Join me at InvestEd 2013 in Wichita, Kansas, where I will demonstrate the capabilities of these analytical forms. I also will be teaching sessions to help you analyze mutual funds, evaluate your portfolio, and discover handy URLs for stock analysis.


Bob is an InvestEd instructor and teaches at local, regional, and national investor education events. He is a former InvestEd Inc. director and an associate director for the Puget Sound Chapter of BetterInvesting, a member of the online CGAB Alumni Investment Club, and past president of a local investment club. Bob creates innovative free spreadsheets and identifies useful websites for streamlining stock research. His website,, reflects his strong advocacy of long-term fundamental investing. He retired after 26 years in radio and television broadcasting and 13 years of college teaching.



Spotflux: Guarding Your Privacy for Free
Sandy Gallemore


Even if you are hiding behind your computer, you are not anonymous when using the Internet! Prying eyes want to know what you search for and what sites you use. Unfortunately, many search engines keep a log of user activities, and many telecom companies do the same. So, those searches are not as private as you would like them to be.


Spotflux, a New York City start-up company, creates tools to help protect your privacy on the Internet. The free download provides checks for invasive tracking, ads, cookies, malware, IP-address snoopers, and other bugs posing threats to your data and identity. The program makes your IP address anonymous and encrypts your Internet connection, thus reducing your risk of a virus caused by Internet activity.


A review of Spotflux in a PCWorld article does warn that a level of trust is needed to use this service, since the Spotflux servers know everything about all of your Internet activity. On the other hand, Spotflux assures you that your Internet activities are anonymous and are protected.


Competition to Spotflux is the Tor Network, another free service that keeps your Internet activity private. Check out the Spotflux website and the Tor Network website to become acquainted with these programs and the concept of protecting your Internet activity.


Sandy is an InvestEd Inc. director and serves as secretary. She is lead editor and prepares the general program brochure for the InvestEd conference. A founding director and the current president of the Coastal Georgia/South Carolina Chapter of BetterInvesting, Sandy is an O'Hara Award recipient and is a charter member and the current president of a local investment club. She helps form investment clubs, presents introductory investing programs, and teaches stock study classes at local and regional events. Sandy is professor emerita, Georgia Southern University.



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