InvestEd 2014: California Dreaming

July 2013 Webinar: Bakul's Stock Evaluation Criteria

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InvestEd 2014

Irvine CA, June 6-8, 2014

Hotel: Irvine Marriott

California Dreaming

The InvestEd conference is moving west: from Wichita in 2013 to Irvine CA in 2014. Please join us in Orange County for InvestEd 2014. John Wayne Airport (SNA) is an easily accessible airport, and the Irvine Marriott provides a free airport shuttle. Other airports (a shuttle or cab ride away) are Los Angeles (LAX) and Long Beach (LGB).


Attendees will enjoy a first-class investor education experience that includes a wide-ranging curriculum, interesting corporate presentations, a staffed Computer Lab, an educational and fun-filled Cyber Cafe, comfortable accommodations, and five full-course meals. At $99 plus tax per night, the Irvine Marriott is the perfect place for a great InvestEd. Come early, stay late, and enjoy all the area has to offer. Mark your calendar now, and check the InvestEd website throughout the year for the unfolding conference program and registration information.




InvestEd Inc. Free Webinar

Bakul's Stock Evaluation Criteria

Sunday, July 28, 2013

6:30 PM-7:30 PM ET / 3:30 PM-4:30 PM PT

Instructor: Bakul Lalla

Webinar Registration


Our July webinar will feature an InvestEd favorite presenter, Bakul Lalla. Bakul will explain his stock evaluation criteria, including a set of financial ratios he employs to review his portfolio holdings. The same criteria are used to study stocks for possible inclusion in Bakul's watch list. Using Morningstar's free portion of the website, Bakul will show you how you can interpret different financial ratios without making a single computation! Lastly, Bakul will be more than happy to answer questions pertaining to his presentation and Morningstar's website.


Register now to attend the InvestEd Inc. free online investor education webinar. Space is limited.


Bakul is a former president of an investment club. Currently, he serves as one of the forum administrators on the Investing for Growth CompuServe Forum, where his primary focus is on the Stock Studies Folder. Also, Bakul is one of the group administrators on the International Society of Value Investors (ISVI) Facebook Group. Bakul has a BS in electrical engineering and a MS in computer engineering, both from the University of Southern California. Recently, he received a MBA from the University of Redlands.



Stock Rover

Sandy Gallemore


Stock Rover is a powerful, yet easy to use, website for conducting real-time research on stocks. The website was developed by software engineers who, as individual investors, were "frustrated with the existing array of disparate investing web sites." They wanted a comprehensive site they could use themselves, one that allowed individual investors to screen, analyze, and conduct research on stocks of interest in a wide-encompassing and user-friendly format.


On the Stock Rover website, we are able to access comprehensive financial data and to compare and analyze stocks using both fundamental and technical analysis. Data used by Stock Rover comes from a variety of sources. A licensing agreement with Morningstar lets the website use the Morningstar financial data, including its growth, profitability, and financial health grades.



The chart allows us to compare stocks against each other and also against Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), mutual funds, industry and sector averages, various indices, and benchmarks. All of the comparisons may be done in the same table or graph. As the developers of Stock Rover say, "Understanding a company's absolute health and stock performance is important, but understanding a company's performance relative to other investment opportunities is vital."


The chart has a number of options, one of which is to include events such as a stock split or the appearance of a dividend. The Settings tab lets the user select Price in dollars, in percent growth, in a logarithmic chart, or in candlestick format. Stock Rover makes the viewing easy, since parts of the webpage may be removed from view when we want to enlarge another section.


Company financial metrics are in spreadsheet format, allowing us to sort on a wide variety of fundamental and technical data items. In total, over 250 different metrics are available for selection. If I type "dividend" in the Quick Select box, for example, a window below my entry pops up that includes a number of possibilities, along with an explanation of each metric.



The Insight panel includes a wide array of data, including a current market summary, the growth, profitability, and financial health grades for the stock, links to the annual and quarterly reports, as well as links to listings of major shareholders, insider transactions, and more. The Detail tab includes analysts' estimates, summaries of the income statement and balance sheet, and many other items. The tab for News gives specific news about the individual company. The Notes tab gives the investor a place to jot down notes specific to the company.





Stock Rover offers access to over 40,000 tickers on all of the major North American stock exchanges plus two over-the-counter (OTC) boards: OTCBB and OTCPK. In addition, many foreign exchange tickers are supported. If a user finds a ticker not in the Stock Rover database, the website allows that user to add the ticker.


You will want to check out Stock Rover, attend the free webinars, poke around the extensive Help menu, and view the many videos and webinar recordings highlighting the capabilities of this website. Stock Rover requires investors to register (free) before using the site. In the future, the website does plan to be multi-tier with a subscription available for beyond-basic features. Most or all of the current features are expected to remain free.


Sandy is an InvestEd Inc. director and serves as secretary. She is lead editor and prepares the general program brochure for the InvestEd conference. Sandy, an O'Hara award recipient, is a charter member and the current president of a local investment club. She has helped form investment clubs, presented introductory investing programs, and taught stock study classes at local and regional events. Sandy is professor emerita, Georgia Southern University.



Find a Lower Price by Using PriceBlink

Sandy Gallemore


When landing on a shopping website and finding the product you want, do you wonder if you are getting the best price? A little browser add-on called PriceBlink can let you know if a better deal is available. It scans the websites of over 4000 online merchants, looking for the lowest price. Notification of best price it finds appears in a small strip just under your browser toolbar.


For example, I searched for some headphones on Ebay, and the above image appeared. PriceBlink told me I could get the same product for less at Amazon, and it let me know that shipping would be free. PriceBlink's FAQ section tells us that the website attempts to get shipping cost information from all retailers, but is not 100-percent successful. When available (which is most of the time), the shipping cost is displayed in the PriceBlink strip. In addition, I was able to click on the Compare Prices button and see the list of sellers for this product and the price each was charging. The Reviews button lets me see reviews of various sellers.


In the above image, you will see a small graph symbol to the right of the Reviews button. When clicking on that, I was able to track the price history of my item. You will note that the image lets me know where to purchase the item at the best price, and it even has a link to that site at both the top and the bottom of the graph. If I want a different timeframe, I can change the timeline for the price history from the default of three months to one month or to one year.


PriceBlink includes a Wish List button where I can place products and keep track of items I may wish to purchase in the future or when the price is right. The website checks prices daily and can send me an email if the price drops below a pre-determined level. I am able to create a variety of wish lists, edit those lists, delete items, and set price alerts. To use the Wish feature, I must have or create an account with an email address and a password (free).



When locating a product on a particular shopping site, PriceBlink will let me know if that site has any coupons or discounts available. For example, when clicking on the Coupons button when on the Ebay page that showed the headphones, I see a list of all verified coupons. In this case, I know I will receive a discount for using PayPal.



The privacy-conscious PriceBlink is a free browser add-on with versions that work with Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. The thin PriceBlink strip is unobtrusive and pops up just below the browser toolbar when on any of thousands of shopping websites.


Sandy is an InvestEd Inc. director and serves as secretary. She is lead editor and prepares the general program brochure for the InvestEd conference. Sandy, an O'Hara Award recipient, is a charter member and the current president of a local investment club. She has helped form investment clubs, presented introductory investing programs, and taught stock study classes at local and regional events. Sandy is professor emerita, Georgia Southern University.




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