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Irvine CA, June 6-8, 2014

Irvine Marriott

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Attend InvestEd 2014 and improve your investing skills in beautiful Orange County, California, on June 6 through 8, 2014, at the Irvine Marriott hotel. Meet aspiring and experienced investors, and build your prospects for financial security.

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View the InvestEd 2014 conference curriculum that includes 23 new sessions and 2 updated sessions in the two and one-half days of investor education. Attend the General Program or choose to attend the Newbie Program. All registered attendees are welcome to participate in the Bonus Sessions on Friday. No additional costs apply.


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  • Bob Adams
  • Don Cassidy
  • Mary Ann Davis
  • Doug Gerlach
  • Louise Sechler
  • Brad Taylor
  • Pam Wilkes
  • Bart Womack
  • Brian Altschul
  • Joe Craig
  • John Diercks
  • Daniel Rivera
  • Saul Seinberg
  • John Tonsager
  • Randy Wilkes
  • Zinc Zeenkov

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The conference includes your choice of stimulating educational sessions and a CD of session handouts with instructors' supplementary educational materials. Informative corporate presentations by quality companies supply ideas and comprehensive information. Included in your registration are five meals: breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Saturday.
















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The guest room rate in the InvestEd block at the Irvine Marriott is a reasonable $99 plus tax per night. Make your hotel reservations today.


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Plan to extend your visit to Irvine and enjoy a vacation in southern California. Explore the official travel resource, and review InvestEd Tourism for a wide choice of attractions.


Join us for InvestEd 2014 in Irvine where we will build better futures together.







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Fourth Sunday of most months

8:00 PM-9:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM-6:00 PM PT


January: Asset Allocation

Instructor: Saul Seinberg

A description of the webinar content and registration information will be available in the January newsletter.



Evaluating Broker Research Departments

Bob Adams


If you use financial advice from others, here is something to consider. Each broker relies on a research department to determine what companies to buy and what ones to sell. A critical question: How good is that research?


Investors need to recognize that their financial advisor or broker likely is trained in sales, not in picking stocks. Standing behind this person is a research department suggesting a list of possible buys and sells, called a focus list. From that list the sales person (broker or financial advisor) selects companies depending on the needs of each client. Client needs may be income, growth, stability, etc.  So, as an investor, your first need is to determine the quality of the research department. Your second consideration is how well the sales person understands your financial needs.


Being assured the advisor understands your needs is easy. You simply explain this to the broker or financial advisor in clear concise language. I suggest doing this in writing. Learning how good the research department is may be a little more difficult.


Twice a year Barron's publishes a ranking of the top ten U.S. brokerage firm research departments. This ranking, which is based upon Zacks investment research, indicates the return for the last six months, one year, three years, and five years. However, getting your hands on a copy of the report isn't always easy. A subscription to Barron's is an obvious solution; asking your broker for a copy is another. However, the report also is available at Zacks, where it includes an additional column listing the seven year return. Each column in the Zacks online copy can be sorted to allow viewing results for the various periods. I strongly recommend ignoring the Last Half and 1 Year columns and concentrating on the longer view.


The Zacks table below is ranked by the 3 Year return. Notice it also includes the S&P 500 as a reference point. An interesting finding is that only three research departments beat the S&P 500 during the 3 Year period. How often the online data are updated is not known.




Bob is an InvestEd instructor and teaches at local, regional, and national investor education events. A former InvestEd Inc. director, he is an associate director for the Puget Sound Chapter of BetterInvesting, a member of an online investment club, and past president of a local investment club. Bob creates innovative free spreadsheets and identifies useful websites for streamlining stock research. His website,, reflects his strong advocacy of long-term fundamental investing. He retired after 26 years in radio and television broadcasting and 13 years of college teaching.





Online Learning Part 2

John Tonsager


In Part 1 of this two-part article, five websites were identified that offer a variety of free subject matter for people who enjoy online learning. Part 2 identifies five additional free online learning websites.


If you'd like a broader collection of courses than MIT offers, Academic Earth is a great place to explore. This free course aggregator has a stunning collection of courses from approximately 50 universities across the globe. You can search by source or general subject. For example, you might be interested in enrolling in the Finance and Economics course offered through Stanford University, where 26 different lectures are provided on a variety of topics. One topic you might find interesting is: "There are No Shortcuts in Investing," which is presented by Nobel Laureate William F. Sharpe. The brief course description indicates he will explain the futility of believing "sure-thing" books on investing or viewing videos or television shows with so-called financial gurus offering easy answers.


Don't miss the curated playlists on topics such as natural laws, the nature of evil, and the economic crisis. The video electives with subjects such as how to take a punch and why World War II made us fat are lots of fun, too.


The Open Learning Initiative (OLI) from Carnegie Mellon University allows access to a handful of course materials where you can learn at your own pace from the same kinds of materials and self-guided assessments that are used in a physical classroom. The offerings are limited, but you will find a good deal of detail in the coursework. OLI has been funded through the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation at Carnegie Mellon since 2002. Investors may be interested in the Principles of Economics course.


The Open Culture website may not be the most visually attractive, but it does boast a collection of 750 college-level downloadable courses, along with a large number of certificate-bearing or degree classes, language lessons, educational materials, and more. In addition, the site includes 575 free movies in categories such as great classics, westerns, horror movies, dramas, comedies, and many more. Free audio books number 525, and free e-books for Kindle, iPad, iPhone, and Nook number 500 in fiction and non-fiction categories. Select from 150 online business courses.


The well-designed Open Education Database claims more than 10,000 courses are available from universities around the world. Search by topic and you'll see the number of full courses, as well as which courses have audio lessons, video lessons, or mixed media. You also can use this site to learn about online and offline schools, should you choose to continue your education in a more formal way. Degree programs are identified in business, criminal justice, computers, education, health, liberal arts, nursing, psychology and counseling, science and engineering, and trades. Over 1,700 schools are identified; however, when tuition selected is $0-$10, that number drops to 12.


Did you know that Apple has an iTunes University? Many of the same online courses identified in the websites mentioned in this article can be accessed away from your computer with the help of iTunes U, a free app that may be downloaded to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Identifying itself as the "world's largest online catalog of free education content," the free iTunes U purports to have 500,000 different courses available, with material for all education levels, elementary school through university. Included are free lectures, books, and videos on thousands of different content areas from hundreds of schools and educational institutions. The free iTunes application lets users focus on K-12 education or on post-secondary education. No degrees or credits are offered through this means of education. You can add notes to the videos, share with friends, and keep your course materials in iBooks so you have everything you need to learn wherever you are.


In addition to the above websites, also available to us are educational materials and learning opportunities from respected institutions such as the New York Public Library and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Of course, our local libraries also offer onsite and online learning opportunities.


John is a director and a past president of InvestEd Inc. A conference instructor, John teaches basic stock analysis classes at national investor education events. He is a member of an online investment club. John loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, camping, and canoeing, as well as archeology surveys in the Arizona Strip.



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