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InvestEd 2015

Richmond, VA, June 12-14, 2015

Hotel: Westin Richmond


Thinking about attending InvestEd 2015 in Richmond, but not sure what to expect? The photos from InvestEd 2014 are available! Visit the InvestEd 2015 Tourism page and plan to arrive early or stay late to spend a few vacation days in historic Richmond. Finally, share the InvestEd kiosk with your family and friends and encourage them to join you in Richmond. Click on the PowerPoint show link on the homepage.


The InvestEd 2015 curriculum descriptions and schedules will be available in November. Meanwhile, investor education is available via the InvestEd webinars. Many of the InvestEd conference instructors provide free InvestEd webinars so investor education is available all year. Log in to the InvestEd online education page to view a listing of webinar recordings and handouts. Listen to some of the webinars to get a feel for the quality of our instructors and conference sessions.


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InvestEd Inc. Free Webinar

Options Part 3

Sunday, September 28, 2014

8:00 PM-9:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM-6:00 PM PT

Instructor: Saul Seinberg

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This month's webinar in the Options series includes a discussion of trade management, including repair strategies, along with a description of LEAPs and information about LEAP strategies and the use of LEAPs as a surrogate for stock ownership. Trade management and repair strategies are used to adjust an option trade that has moved in favor of or against an investor, with a goal to improve or end that trade. LEAPs are worthwhile long term option opportunities that blend both short term option and stock ownership characteristics.


Attendees may review webinar recordings for the previous two parts of the series by logging into InvestEd's Online Education.


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Saul is an InvestEd Inc. advisory director and a conference instructor. A former vice president for education of InvestEd, he teaches at local through national investor education events. With degrees in electrical engineering and law, Saul spent most of his career as a corporate attorney. In addition, he served as an adjunct professor at Albany Law School in New York.





Useful Tools on a Useful Website

Bob Adams


Many of you know Bob Adams as an InvestEd instructor at our annual conference and at webinars. Are you familiar with his website, Bobsite? This website includes a variety of useful investing tools, as well as handouts, book recommendations, and other items of interest to investors. Bob provided InvestEd with this update about a few of the tools available on his website, most of which require a PC and the use of Excel.

One of the most popular tools is the Annual Report Analysis. Type in a ticker symbol and all the data for the analysis appears. The form looks complex, but if you learn it one layer at a time, soon you'll wonder why it seemed so daunting.


1) Start by observing the Bullish Remarks and Bearish Remarks boxes. Key information is contained there. 2) On the left side of the form, color coded verbiage, as well as percent of change of important data, provides additional clues in the analysis. 3) Each company receives a score called "Numerical Result of this Analysis," which is effective if comparing companies within the same industry. Want to go deeper? 4) Many data points are shown in graphic form: the last five years and the last five quarters, each with verbiage about what to look for in each of the graphs. Look at the form as layers of information. Start simple, then use more and more of the form as it becomes clearer and your understanding level increases.


Quick Analysis provides just that, a fairly complete look at a company using many of the same parameters you typically use in your stock study, and doing so quickly. It provides a grade of Superior, Average, and Below Average for each company, along with the PEG Ratio (price to earnings to projected growth) to help determine if the current price is fair. Also, you may find it useful in helping young adults develop an interest in investing. Those who are beginners to investing will want to learn using a paper portfolio before making actual purchases. Verbiage on this form accompanies each factor to help the investor understand what to consider in analyzing a company. Both an automatic and a manual form are available.


Useful URLs for Toolkit software is another popular tool. Insert the links listed on the downloadable sheet of information (complete with instructions), and organizing your analysis becomes easy. A separate file is available for Stock Analyst. Once the links are installed in either program, you're just two key clicks away from vital information used when analyzing a company. The URLs are company specific. One of the popular links takes you to the Yahoo website where you are able to see a couple of years of projected revenue growth for your company. Another popular link takes you to the NASDAQ website where you can see analyst consensus estimates for up to five years of EPS (earnings per share) growth.


A tool for Retirement Planning provides the basic numbers of what you have and what you will need, with links to other tools and information. A projection of how long you will live and a budget form to help determine what you spend and what you might need in retirement are links on the form, along with important information from other sites.


Annualize Your Portfolio is a key tool. If the annualized return on your portfolio isn't compared to a market average, how do you how well you're doing? Are you a good investor or a poor one? Are you beating the market? Two tools are available to answer these questions, one very simple and one more detailed. Each allows a comparison between the growth of a portfolio and industry averages. Don't you think knowing how well your portfolio is growing is important? Either tool will tell you.


Note to Mac users: the Mac cannot automatically retrieve data from the Internet using Excel, and some of the tools will not run on the Mac.


Check out Bobsite and add these tools to favorite methods of analyzing stocks and keeping up with your portfolio. Meet Bob in person at the 2015 InvestEd conference in Richmond, and learn more how you can use his tools to improve your investing results.


Bob is an InvestEd Inc. director emeritus and a conference instructor. He teaches at local, regional, and national investor education events and is an associate director for the Puget Sound Chapter of BetterInvesting, a member of an online investment club, and past president of a local investment club. Bob creates innovative free spreadsheets and identifies useful websites for streamlining stock research. His website,, reflects his strong advocacy of long-term fundamental investing. He retired after 26 years in radio and television broadcasting and 13 years of college teaching.




Print Smarter with Print Friendly

Sandy Gallemore


Have you ever wanted to print the text on a webpage but not the graphics? Print Friendly is a free extension available for use on any webpage. You can print a page with it, save the page as a PDF, or email the page to yourself or to others.


The Print Friendly and PDF extension works with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari browsers. It works on iPads and iPhones, as well as PCs. The program allows the user to create a printer friendly document when on a website with content the reader wants to save, but without all of the distractions on the page. The small Print Friendly icon resides on your toolbar alongside other browser extensions you may have.


On the left is the InvestEd home page as you would see it online. Let's say you want a copy of the content on that page, but do not want the graphics and the extraneous information.


When I bring up the InvestEd home page and click on my Print Friendly icon, a much smaller image pops up on my screen, one that just gives me the page contents.


If the content you see on your pop up is what you want, the next step is to select Print, PDF, or Email from the Print Friendly toolbar. Also along that toolbar is the option of changing the text size. This might be useful if the font on your page is too large or too small to be practical for your use. In addition, you have the option of removing all images in the document, should the pop up include images you do not want.

If the webpage content you want to save includes text you do not want, getting rid of that text is easy. You can save space by simply moving your mouse over the paragraph you do not want, which will highlight that text, and clicking on it. The text will disappear. If you accidentally delete text you want, simply hit the Undo option on the toolbar.


If you are looking for a hassle-free method of saving webpages or printing webpage contents, you will enjoy using Print Friendly and PDF. Using this extension is easy, and it gives the user the ability to edit and format pages, making these pages readable, neat, and organized.


Sandy is an InvestEd Inc. director and serves as vice president for education. She is lead editor and prepares the general program brochure for the conference. Sandy has helped form investment clubs, presented introductory investing programs, and taught stock study and mutual fund classes at local, regional, and national events. In her leisure time she participates in a line dance group, plays handbells, bridge, and golf, and enjoys a variety of other activities, including investing. Sandy is professor emeritus of kinesiology, Georgia Southern University.




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